Alien Child No More

“Mom, Dr. Stone said maybe I was an alien since I was allergic to the earth.  He’s a really smart doctor.”


Late July of this year, we made a decision to take our middle son out of the conventional medical rat race of constantly trying to figure out what was “wrong” with him that was causing his chronic eczema and allergies.  Jonah has been fighting this irritating skin condition since he was about 18 months old.  It came out of no where and if I could pinpoint what happened it was during our move to Calgary from Texas.  Jonah had a stomach bug that lasted a good three weeks.  I think this moment was pivotal in how his body reacted to anything he ate or environmental stresses on his little system; perhaps it was GAPS because nothing else made since.


We have spent the last five years on chemical allergy medications, lotions, elimination diets, steroids and an abnormal amount of antibiotics.  We were at a loss and did not know what else to do, but had not choice but to trust the advice we were given.  No one had ever suggested he might have had a chemical shift in his body that caused all of this.  To add insult to injury, all of the antibiotics that we gave him would clear his skin temporarily, then return with a vengeance within a few weeks.  His immune system was completely shot and he could not fight the common cold on his own without steroid inhalers or trips back to get on more antibiotics or our worse nightmare, landing back in the PICU for three days on Abuterol 24/7 so he could breath on his own.


Though we received very knowledgable medical advice from pediatricians, immunologist, and allergist, Jonah was still miserable all of the time.


In July a friend sent me an article written by Dr. Todd Stone.  It was a story about a child he had helped who’s condition sounded very similar to Jonah’s, and after a very short discussion with my husband, I called and made an appointment.  Dr. Stone’s approach was VERY different than anything we had experienced and I will not lie, I was not sure it was going to work.  We followed his advice and came back every month to his little mountain office in North Carolina to get re-evaluated and tested.  There is a process, we had to eliminated all the toxins in his body, then spend time rebuilding his own natural immune system.  Where antibiotics and steroids show immediate results, this was going to take time.  There was years of damage in his body and it was not going to happen over night.


We realized that he had such an overgrowth of yeast which was causing his chronic flair ups.  Jonah agreed to eliminate sugar and read labels after watching FedUp

We replaced his normal soaps with natural local made toxic free coconut soap.


While he lives a mostly normal life, it was still just bad enough that people would look at him and ask me why he looked the way he did.  “Allergies” I would say.  They would nod and shrug as most people do.  Because there is just not an easy answer.


We do believe that what was going on in his body may not be something that can be “generally diagnosed”

His symptoms were odd and made no sense to us, and while I will spare you the graphic images of his ankles, arms, legs and neck that are normally open wounds, I can tell you that after 4 months of this intense detox we have FINALLY turned a corner.



This was Jonah before going to Dr. Stone.  The rough skin on his face is just a small sampling of how irritated his body was from the inside out.


And although we are not out of the woods yet, this is him today….


For the first time in over a year, he does not have an open wound on his body because of eczema.  He is so happy and full of energy.

One of our visits to Dr. Stone, he asked Jonah if he knew what “normal” felt like, this made me so sad because the truth was, he didn’t.

But today, and this last week, we can honestly say that he is feeling AMAZING, and he is healing.  He has been so joyful, less irritated, and full of life and energy.  Now he knows what it feels like to be “Normal”

We are no longer giving him any kind of chemical medication at all!  Just natural supplements recommended specifically for Jonah and his needs per the stresses on his body recommended by Dr. Stone.


So from here we move forward to help him let his body heal itself and not be dependent on drugs of any kind.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Stone, you can visit his website at:

Get The Right Diagnosis

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