Daily Skin Routine

Having searched high and low for many years for that miracle skin care routine often led me to a harsh reality full of breakouts, oily skin and fine lines.  The daily grind of the elements on our skin can be overwhelming, then we slather on a chemically processed petroleum based salve.  This never resulted in much for me to be impressed with – I think I found a better solution.


1/2 Cup Jojoba Oil

20 drops YL Frankincense (reduces acne, scaring, wrinkles, fine lines, brown spots and cancerous skin growths)

10 drops YL Lemon (soothes dry Cracked skin for a fresher complexion, reduces allergies and acne)

10 drops YL Lavender (Stress Relief, Dry chapped or itchy skin, reduces allergies)

This was probably the easiest thing I have made as I was able to find a 4oz bottle of Jojoba Oil from Trader Joes. (1/2 cup)  (they sell it on Amazon but if you can get it from the actual store it is less expensive) I just added the essential oils to the Jojoba Oil bottle and I was done.  I have been using this for about a week and you can see how little has actually been used.  It’s going to last a long time.  After I wash my face with a Norwex cloth, I use this to remove any remaining makeup and moisturize my face.  I get the other benefits of the particular oils in the mix – the Lemon and Lavender also clear my sinuses…bonus!

Certain essential oils like lemon should not be used in plastic, however since I was not consuming this and the bottle has a Recycle number of “1” it is safe for this purpose.

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The following is from Hub Pages
What is jojoba oil?
Jojoba oil is not really an oil. It is actually more of a liquid wax. In fact, 96% of the jojoba oil is made up of ceramides.Ceramides are your skin and hair’s best friend. They act as a barrier that protect your skin an hair against external aggression. Think of ceramides as the glue that holds the fort together. They keep the cells of the epidermis in place and they keep the hair scales firmly closed to not allow any external agents to penetrate our skin or hair.Ceramides also hold on to water molecules, which means your skin will stay hydrated and will not look dry or scaly.

What can jojoba oil do for my skin?

Jojoba oil is wonderful on your skin. It’s the most complete moisturizer you will ever find. Here’s a list of what it can do for you:
  • It smooths, protects and nourishes.
  • It controls excessive oil secretion, so if you have an oily face, this is the cure you have been looking for.
  • It is a natural pimple cure as well as make up remover.
  • It can be used as make up remover. It cleans and nourishes at the same time. Where else will you get something this good?!
  • It strengthens eye lashes.
  • Prevents premature aging.


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