My day like most, starts with coffee, it is what gets me out of bed every day. My four boys head off to school and the chaos of the morning settles in the form of laundry everywhere, breakfast dishes and lunch someone forgot to take to school left on the counter. This might be my favorite time of day, where ideas for images start to come to life. Stories are often told through words but I like to tell them through images. What is it that YOU do? I would love the opportunity to come and spend the afternoon documenting you in your creative process. I want to make you look good.


As you create and grow into your workflow, it is awesome to show customers and friends the behind-the-scenes reality. I love these sessions because I get to come into your world and watch you spin mud, package products, contour faces, or whatever you do! These images are an element to your business often forgotten as product always comes first. Let your followers in on some lifestyle headshots and day-in-the-life style images. You will forever cherish each stage of your business you have walked through. It is priceless to have it captured.

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As a small business with unique products it is key to have creative images to captivate your ideal viewers + buyers. Investing in professional lifestyle images will take your brand to the next level. Let's capture some incredible shots of your work in action. Each project is unique upon booking.


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This is for the content creator. What makes professional bloggers stand out? Quality. Having a constant stream of creative and beautiful images of their adventures, outfits, and paid products. Consider investing in a project-based photographer.


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