Joyful Spring


April is always one of my favorite months.  My sweet twin boys were born in April making it special for our whole family.  Not to mention all the beauties emerging from the earth God has given to us.  I could marvel at the wonders of spring for hours, it brings such joy and although we spend many days running the kids to their various activities, working in the yard, keeping up with the house and dealing with the demands that a family of 6 requires; there is also an overwhelming urge to slow down and just sit on the front porch or back swing and enjoy it.  It doesn’t last long and then the demands of the next day are upon us again.  I don’t want to miss anything.

I wish I could bottle it up.

Joy from Young Living Essential Oils I think has done a great job of that.  The actual smell is not necessarily my favorite but a friend told me to try a drop over my heart. You know what?  It worked!  Not only do I find it just makes me happier, it does wonders on cranky husbands and children too.  Somehow it overcomes sadness and hyperactivity and balances out our emotions bringing a gentle feeling of slowing down, and enjoying life.

We could all use a little more Joy in our lives, don’t you think?


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