Let the light come on in

I will be the first to admit that I don’t take enough photos of everyday, imperfect moments of my kids.  The opportunities are always there and I am usually mentally taking photos which doesn’t end up storing well in my very short term memory.  I talk to so many people who would agree or don’t even try because they don’t like the way the images come out.  Photography is all about light, pure and simple.  Admittedly I have an obsession with it like most photographers do.  Natural light is always the best but doesn’t always lend itself to being available, I’m not a flash hater but if you have good natural light…let it in.

My little monkey was playing in my bed today since my husband…forgot (cough) yeah, he forgot to make it.  It was a perfect opportunity to play peak-a-boo and get some fun shots of him.  The windows in my room are to the left of the photo.  I raised up the blinds all the way to let in the light.  It is a very easy way to add interest to your photos without blasting the flash in your subjects eyes. So my Photography Tip: Keep your camera ready at a moments notice, raise the blinds/curtains and place your subject near a window and don’t miss these fun everyday moments of your loved ones!

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