Local Flavor

Deep in farm lands of Sumter, South Carolina the Bradford’s have been growing their family’s watermelon since the 1840’s!  Thought to be extinct since the 1920’s when seed companies ceased selling the heirloom melons seeds, the Bradford’s continued to plant the late summer melon year after year.

The Bradford Watermelon has a deep green skin, thick rind, perfectly tender sweet juicy flesh that literally melts in your mouth.

The split in the heart is a sign of a perfect melon!

It’s uniqueness runs deep in the melons signature white seeds

from the field directly to the table…

This family’s amazing generosity has decided to turn a portion of the profits from the family melon to help those in need.

Nat Bradford has started a charity called Water For Watermelons, you can learn more about his life saving mission here

the family melon will be passed down to his kids as it has been for generation after generation

Such a great story and even greater family!

If you’re local to the South Carolina area, the watermelons are available now!  Click on the link below to see how you can get one!

Water for Watermelons