Premium Starter Kit

So what comes in this starter kit anyway?  The Premium Starter Kit is how I recommend my friends to get started with the oils (and how I got started myself) Not knowing what I was getting into this is the perfect introduction to these amazing glorious oils.


Here is what is included in the Premium Starter Kit-

Everyday Oils Collection – a set of 10 oils (I will list just a few of the highlights of the many things that these oils do) these oils are 5ml bottles:

Thieves – This is great for sickness prevention, oral care, cold and flu, strep throat, cleaning bronchitis, and mold

DiGize – got tummy troubles?  you know the kind, upset, runny, clogged, painful.  Yup, this eases your troubles

Lavender – We use this everyday for multiple things like skin issues, relaxation, dry skin, allergies & eczema

RC – colds, coughs, congestion in your chest?  It also works on bone spurs!  When anyone has a bit of a cold in our house we diffuse this oil and suffer a lot less.

PanAway – pain relief.  Has helped with headaches, joint pain, sore muscles and arthritis. My mom uses this to help with her arthritis

Peppermint – tummy issues (heartburn, acid reflux), allegories, headaches, insects (bugs hate this smell) nausea, curbs appetite

Lemon – I add a drop of this to my water everyday for detoxing, it is also great for coughs, varicose veins, skincare and opens up your sinuses like no body business!

Frankincense – It is no wonder they brought this amazing oil to our Lord when he was born.  Wrinkle reducer, acne, brown spots, Cancer (published medical articles have shown Frankincense to have the ability to distinguish, kill and discourage cancer cell growth) improves concentration, strengthen’s the immune system and helps with depression.

Purification – air purifier, insect repellant, insect bites, acne, ear infection, sore throat, cuts and scrapes

Copabia – probably the coolest oil yet, it is a magnifier of all the other oils.  Adding this along with a pain or allergy remedy will intensify the results.


StressAway – Just like it says, it takes away stress leaving you feeling calm and relaxed, Insomnia, mood swings

What else is included with the Premium Starter Kit?

A wholesale membership that will give you 24% off of your future orders

An awesome diffuser (the diffuser is a $90 value alone and you definitely want a diffuser with oils, the DewDrop diffuser is shown in the picture above)

Getting started flier

Welcome Booklet and user guide

Seed booklet

Aromaglide fitment

Fun samples:

2- Lavender

2- Peppermint

2- Lemon

2- Peace & Calming

2- Thieves

2- Ningxia Red 2 oz packets

10 sample bottles to share with your friends!

SO how much does all of this cost?  Totaling up everything separate would come to $300 but by choosing the kit you can have all of this plus the 24% discount for only $160 plus taxes and shipping.  I love that we started out with the kit as it was the best way for us to experiment with a variety that we soon realized were all extremely valuable to our family.

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