Blueberry Jam

My summer indulgence has been wrapped up in a perfectly shaped organic morsel of sweetness, along with watching my boys run barefoot in the grass, spending too much time in my garden all the while soaking up the sun.  Then someone yells, “Mom, I’m hungry!”  Although my efforts to feed my boys as close to nature as possible have gone pretty well, there has been the occasional corn dog, ice cream sandwich and other summer staples that they can’t live without.

Me?  Well, I was doing pretty well until my sweet friend Amanda and I got together one morning to make jam with the rest of our blueberry harvest.  It is quite possibly the best jam I have ever had.

This has quickly become my summer staple.  The whole process of making jam pairs nicely with living in the Upcountry of South Carolina, catching lighting bugs at night and drinking sweet tea in the shade.  There is something so nostalgic about growing, picking and canning your own food.  There is a satisfaction you can’t get from staring at a screen.  Even now, as you see these images…I wish you could taste the goodness!

I love opening my pantry and seeing all the little jars lined up perfectly, but sadly they are disappearing quickly.

Perhaps there is one more trip to the blueberry farm in the future before they go out of season.

If you would like to try the same recipe, Amanda found ours here We did the “low” sugar recipe, along with the sweetness of the berries, it was perfect!