Craft Construction – Master Bath Renovation

We are thrilled to share our Master Bath renovation with you today!  It is probably best to start at the beginning though.  Just a few months ago our little one vanity, bath/shower looked like this…

Although it doesn’t look terrible, it was literally falling apart.  I decided on a whim to paint the walls….and as the paint when up, the tile on the shower walls started to fall down.  Most of the tile on the floor in front of the vanity was covered by a rug…good thing because if you stood on it too long with bare feet you could feel it shifting on the floor.  I just knew any day it would become a hazard.  I also could not justify putting a band-aid over it any longer.  It was time to do it right.


So while Harry and I were out to lunch with the kids one day I confiscated their menu and crayons and came up with my master plan.

SO Harry channelled his inner engineer nerdiness and turned that into this…

Craft Construction was able to see my vision despite my artistic ability and make this happen.  We  could have easily knocked down walls and expanded the space but we opted to keep the 7’x8′ room and make the space work better.  By removing that large 3′ deep cabinet next to the vanity we could then slide the walk-in shower into that space leaving room for my own vanity around the corner.

We tried to keep the style with the time period of the house, minus all the wear and tear of 50+ years…

We are thrilled with all the storage…and each of us having our own space!

And the beautiful new tile and detail work!

Check out our AMAZING shower!

If you are in the Greenville, SC area and are considering a remodel project of your own., we HIGHLY recommend Craft Construction

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