Do you suffer from Allergies too?

Allergies have been our number one reason for going to the doctor almost every two to four weeks for the past, wow, maybe 6 years?  Along with shots, a very intense treatment, prescription and over the counter drugs to just to keep our family feeling as “normal” as possible still resulted in everyone feeling miserable, being tired, runny noses, sneeze attacks, congestion watery eyes…the list of side effects of those said drugs goes on and on.  I would never say that those drugs are not good for some people, they just seem to trigger more problems than they were worth for my family.  We were kinda hopeless.

Until now.


In our families recent discovery of Young Living Essential oils we have found a new morning routine that is helping my family of six kick off the day with a power booster of these three little, very alive and helpful oils.  Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint.    Diffusing them is just one of the ways we are able to help everyone in the room during the hustle and bustle of our long list of To-Do’s as everyone heads out the door for the day.  The diffuser is doing it’s part by breaking the oil and water into the air into tiny micronutrient sized molecules that everyone is breathing…calming down our allergy triggers and boosting our immune systems.

Wanna know something really amazing?

It works, FAST.

No chemicals, so side effects.  Amazing stuff people!

You can learn more about ordering your own oils here

If you have any questions for me or how they have worked for our family, please feel free to contact me!

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I am sharing stories on the research I have done and the testimonies of how I have seen essential oils work for myself and loved ones on this essential oil journey. I am confident in Young Living and the purity of the oils that I am using. However, I am not trying to take the place of your certified medical professional and do not take responsibility for your health.